1984 TOPPS FOOTBALL-316[Sheikh,Copyright line contains "C*"],316[Sheikh,Copyright line contains "D*"].

1989 TOPPS FOOTBALL-51[Burroughs,Yellow name plate-front].

1989 PRO SET FOOTBALL-47[Perry], card was removed from production and replaced with Ron Morris,53A[Ditka,no

HOF banner],100A[Elway, drafted1st. round 83'],193C[Toran 1961-1989 gray banner on front],260A[Berry, no HOF banner],

266A[Hebert,4 th line "passers"],391A[Bosworth, Seattle on front],404A[Warner, 2nd. line,all time leader in rushing[1455

yds.],480D[Byner, no traded banner on front,see also card 74 on back],483B[Riggs,traded banner on front],535A[Williams,

1st line spelled "footbal" on back],

1990 FLEER FOOTBALL-10A[Montana,Headings TD'S and YDS are switched],82[Evans,should be card #83],289A[Butler,

Position listed as Punter(front), and P(back)],289B[Butler,Position listed as punter (P) on back],289C[Butler-Position listed as

Punter on front].

1990 SCORE FOOTBALL-134B[Butler, not wearing helmet on back],136B[Sikahema, not wearing helmet on back],600B

Buchannan,"in the 63' AFL draft"].

1990 PRO SET FOOTBALL-1A[Sanders, Trade show issue, no trophy on back],2B[Montana,COR: "Jim Kelly 3,130 yards"],

15A[Stanley,Listed as #8 on back],18B[Doleman,Names "Townsend" and "Jeffcoat" on back],19B[Ware,Drafted stripe on

front],20B[Eliwonabe, Drafted stripe on front],21B[Drafted stripe on front],22B[Thompson,Drafted stripe on front],25B[Harris

Birthdate "3/7/50],27B[Lambert,Birthdate listed as 7/8/52],59B[Ditka, Larger HOF print in banner on front],63A[Dixon,Missing

bio stats on back],68A[Wyche,Missing bio stats on back],75B[Newsome,Birthplace listed as "Muscle Shoals, AL"],75C[Risien

Initially withdrawn from circulation, issued later],110A[Holland,Missing name, number and position on back],111A[Kemp,Ken

Stiles pictured on back],114B[Sharpe,Birthplace listed as "Chicago, IL"],152B[Fernandez,Drafted 10th Round, '83"],161B

[Shell,Birthdate "11/26/46", VAR: large HOF print],161C[Shell,Birthdate "11/26/46", VAR: small HOF print],204A[Marion,Belt

visible on 49er],210A[Andersen,Name, position and card number in white on back],216A[Martin,Name, position and card

number in white on back],221A[Mora,Name, position and card number in white on back],289B[Haley,'86 FUM REC says "2],

319A[Perkins,Missing name and "Head Coach" on back],343A[Hinton,No traded banner on front, "Has been named" first line

bio],343C[Hinton,Traded banner on front; "Has been named" on back],496A[Glover,listed as "C-G" on card back],630A

[Miller,Listed as "WR" on back],632A[O'Neal, Listed as "LB-DE" on front],657A[Jarvis,Missing "The Official NFLCard" on

front],723A[Barnett, Listed as "DT"on front, should be "NT"],739B[Hodson,Missing Bio On Back],743A[Bailey,Listed as"46"

on back],772A[Manley,Substance abuse mentioned on back],772B[Manley,No mention of substance abuse on back],

773C[Manley,No mention of substance abuse on back; no bio on back],785A[Tagliabue, first line"peered through"],

NN0[A] Perry,With Pro Set logo,front],NNO[B], Perry,Without Pro Set logo front].

1991 FLEER FOOTBALL-238[Stubbs,"Daniel" on back].

1991 PACIFIC FOOTBALL-94A[Bates, Black bar on front photo],122A[Mobley, Name misspelled Orsen],128A[Townsend,

Name misspelled Andie on front],170B[Dishman, Name misspelled "Chris" on back only],175A[Jeffires, name is misspelled

Jeffries on front and back],186A[Grimsley, Name is misspelled Grimsby],196A[Hester, Name misspelled "Jesse", NFL totals

missing],286A[Carter,Name misspelled "Chris" on both sides],286B[Carter,Name misspelled "Chris" on back only],321A

[Andersen,Name misspelled "Anderson" front and back],330A[Johnson,Name misspelled Vaughn],353B[Oates, Misspelled

"Oats" on back only],465A[Paris,Name misspelled "Parris" on front and back; front pic is reversed],529A[Monk,On back, "y" in

history touches copyright symbol],542A[Croel,On back, "y" in weekly is inside copyright symbol].

1991 SCORE FOOTBALL-651[Lott,#47 on front, part of "2" visible on shoulder on back of card].

1991 STADIUM CLUB FOOTBALL-329A[Williams,No period after L in name on front].

1992 TOPPS FOOTBALL-167[Elliot,Copyright line begins with "D"],185[Harbaugh,Copyright line begins with "A*"],221[Cobb,

Copyright line begins with "C*"].

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