1981 FLEER BASEBALL NEEDS- 87A [Nettles,Craig on back] .

1981 Donruss Baseball-131A[Rose, says see card#251],NNO Checklist 1-120[#51 Donohue].

1982 FLEER BASEBALL-438A[Hrabosky,"All" first name on bk.],438B[Hrabosky,Height 5'1"],555A[Jackson,blk.cap],555C

[Jackson,red cap no emblem],576A[Littlefield,rev. neg. pitching lefty],636A[Valenzuela,led the national],646A[Yankee

Powerhouse,no comma after outfielder on back].

1982 DONRUSS-5A[Trammell, Spelled Trammel, front],422A[Eichelberger, Photo of Lucas pitching front].

1983 DONRUSS BASEBLL-88B[Smith, spelled Bryn on front/Byrn on back],330A[Slayton,bio printed blk on wht.],530A

[Herzog records printed blk.on wht.]531B[Sutton, green border on front],533A[Anderson, record printed blk.on wht.]557A

[Perez] Twins in glove],606B[Virgil, orange border on front],639A[Jackson, A's in glove],639C[Jackson,Angels in glove grn.

backer].NNO[Dick Perez chk.list box on back is blank],NNO Dick Perez, chk. list box on back says checklist].

1983 FLEER BASEBALL SET-327B[Brookens, long brown box on back].

1984 DONRUSS BASEBALL listed-12-02-08. 1b,2b,3b,4b,5b,6b,7b,8b,9b,10b,11b,12b,13b,14b,15b,16b,17b,18b,19b,20b,

21b,22b,23b,24b,25b,26b [all have Steele on back],29A[Stenhouse, no card# on back],30A[Darling,no card # on back],

60[Ryan],324[Gwynn],NNO A, DK checklist[Steel on back],NNO B,DK checklist[Steele on back].

1985 DONRUSS BASEBALL SET-74B[Perconte, career highlights 3-lines],424A[Seaver,photo is Bannister],

534 B[Terry Pendleton, front],640B[Jones,career highlights 4-lines].

1986 DONRUSS BASEBALL SET-33B[Galarraga,Andres, with -above "e"on front],254B[Palmer, Position P on front],260B

[Tudor[18 games played in 81'],306A[Redes,.20 2b in 83' on back],364B[Davis,last line bio ends, reliever 9],567B

[Youngblood,position IF],1A Checklist[27-30, err #45 Billy Beane].

1987 DONRUSS BASEBALL SET-14A[McReynolds, no yellow in DK ribbon on back],22A[Davis, noyellow in DK ribbon on

back],25A[Walker,no yellow in DK ribbon on back].

1988 FLEER BASEBALL-21A[Schatzeder,spelled Schatzader],21B[Schatzeder, blk. line under name on frt.],68A[Robinson,

height 6'4"],462A[Brown, photo of Bob Brown,bat off shoulder],654A[Checklist,#21 misspelled Schatzader].

1989 DONRUSS BASEBALL SET-600B[Chk.lst. 578-660,#635 spelled Kurt],600C[Chk.lst. 578-660,no bonus MVP listed

on back,600D[Chk.lst. 578-660,no bonus mvp's on back w/blk. bar top left,back].

1990 DONRUSS BASEBALL SET-100B[Checklist,#'d-125],113B[Gruber,Born 2-26],168B[Murphy,blk.line does not

extended into"D"],170B[McCaskill,born 4-9,glove string airbrushed],200B[Checklist 126-223],217B[Garrelts born 10-30],300B,

[Checklist,224-321],368B[Gibson,born 5-28],400B[Checklist,322-419],500B[Checklist 420-517],523A[Nezelek,born

10-24-1985],523B[Nezelek,born 10-24-1965],583B[Hickey,no blk.line thru"K'],600B[Checklist,518617],637A[Steinbach,recent

M.L. perf. stats. header],639B[Morris,no blk.line thru "J"],700B[checklist 640-716 only,no BC's.],700C[checklist 640-BC.,715

listed at top rh.column],650A,654A,673A,674A,676A,683A,692A,695A,697A701A,703A,705A,707A,708A,710A,712A,

715A[all of these have recent M.L. perf. stats. header].

1989 FLEER BASEBALL SET-61B[Hepp,home listed as San Antonio],98A[Romine, Photo of Kutcher[batting],121A[Moses,

home,Temp Az.],121B[Moses],173A[Treadway,"bullseye" above head],350A[Ashby,throws right],381B[Johnson,sign off left

shoulder],381C[Johnson,sign in red],381D[Johnson,sign in green],381E[Johnson,small boxover sign],440A[Trio,throws

right],534A[Vandeberg,throws left].

1990 FLEER BASEBALL SET-175B[Devereaux, red stripe above did you know box],353A[Martinez,90 in "yellow" on front],

621A[Brett,10 .390 hitting seasons],621B[Brett,10 300 hitting seasons],624A[Ripken,mispelled Ripkin on front],630A[Clark,

total bases 32 at end of second paragraph],630B[Clark, total bases 321 at end of 2nd.paragraph],660A["Checklist" on front

smaller font].

1990 SCORE BASEBALL-107B[4][Moyer,"scintillating,spelling 1st sentence],168B[4][Hassey, uniform#24 on back],176B[4]

[McClendon,#10 uniform on back],195A[Saberhagen,7th line bio"practical joke"],220A[2][Aldrete,uniform #25 on back],

232A[Devereaux,RF on front],232B[Devereaux, CF on front],280B[2][Jackson,2nd. last line begins Wathan],338B[4][Griffey

Sr.,#30 uniform on back],449A[Spiers,born 6-5-19],449B[2][Spiers,born 6-5-1966],477A[Career ERA .393],477B[2][Smith,

Career ERA 3.93],491A[Wells,rev. neg on back[stad.roof left side of photo],561A[4][Sandberg,3B on front],583A[3][Cuyler,998

for London],608B[2][Bates,no mention of triples inlast sentence],618B[4][Skalski,#67uniform on back],633A[3][Barrett,

uniform #29 on back],633B[Barrett,#14 uniform on back],683A[3][Boggs, 215 hits 2nd. paragraph on back],683[Boggs,2ND.

in hits 205[2nd paragraph],693A[2][Steinback,2nd.paragraph "cathers"].

1990 UPPER DECK BASEBALL NEEDS-54A[McDonald Orioles logo on frt.],60A[Tettleton, #683 is Jamie Weston],89A

[Gott, photo of Reed not pitching],101A,102A,104A,105A,106A107A,108A,109A,110A,111A,112A,113A,114A,115A,119A,


183A,184A,185A,189A,190A,197A[all of these, no copyright date on back],124B,136B,139B,143B,144B[2],149B,150B,156B,

[2],158B,166B[2],167B,171B[2],181B,182B,186B,192B,193B,195B,196B[all of these have copyright on back],562A[Garrelts,

photo clean shaven],597A[McGaffigan, photo Thompson pitching],683[Weston,Jamie Weston on frt/bk].

1991 FLEER BASEBALL SET-28 CARDS- 96A[Greenwell, stat total in color box],110B[Reed,1-stat line in 1st.grouping],

111[Jody Reed ,no space between season and period],113B[Romine,1 line of text below stats.on back],209A[Howell, 2-stat

.lines in 1st. section],219B[Scoscia,4 lines in 1st. stat. grouping],226A[Boyd,3 lines in 1st. stat. grouping],254A[Bedrosian,

3 lines in 1st. stat grouping],302B[Ryan,4 lines in 1st. stat. grouping],363B[Browne, has dot over I in "is"]388A,[Booker,

missing 1981 stat. line],395A[Dykstra,name listed as Lenny on back],410A[Ready,2 stat lines in 1st.section],419A[Dawson,

76' Expos stat.line is missing],450B[Griffey,bio says bat around 300],456A[Leonard,1 line in1st. stat.grouping],466B

[Anderson,complete "t" in throws left],469B[Devereaux,bio in 1st. line ends"rows"],476A[Hoiles, no space between game

and period],533A[Hurst,no incomplete line above 79 Bristol],540B[Roberts,only 1-"dot" after scoreless tie],568B

[Schulz,1 period at end of text],575B[Wilson,4 lines in 1st. stat. grouping],602A[Aguilea,4 lines of text below stats.],

631A[DeLeon,79'Bradenton stat. line missing],634A[Guerrero,career SB shown as $91],662A[Espinoza,missing 79' and 80' stat lines],666A[Hawkins,missing 78' stat. line].

1991 UPPER DECK BASEBALL SET-231A[Downing, no position on front],636A[Brock/Henderson no date on front].

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